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We believe the key to a highly-effective and extremely efficient heating system is down to regular servicing and maintenance.

Are you in search of a professional and highly experienced boiler installation or repair service provider? No matter what make or model of boiler you have, ReliaHeat are here to provide you with affordable and reliable boiler repairs. We have a highly skilled team equipped with the right tools to get the job done on time with 100% excellence guaranteed. Nowadays, boilers are made of multiple materials and offer a variety of features.

Boilers are often comprised of copper, cast iron, or even steel. Various venting systems are commonly found in homes, including gravity vented, fan-assisted and room-sealed so it becomes necessary to hire a dependable company who is familiar with the maintenance of these kinds of systems. Luckily at ReliaHeat, our Engineers are fully experienced with over 10 years of service in the industry.

Premium Repairs and Maintenance

It’s very important to have a properly functioning boiler in order to feel at ease, especially during the Winter months. Luckily at ReliaHeat, the boiler repair Edinburgh Specialist wants to help you to maintain the health of your boiler.

Does your boiler produce odd noises, leak, or overheat? Or is there something else that doesn’t seem quite right? With ReliaHeat, our experienced and talented team will arrive at your location promptly and will inspect the boiler for any possible faults.

We can provide a 24-hour emergency callout service where necessary to deal with any more urgent boiler issues. Once we diagnose the fault, we will carry out an instant repair whenever this is possible.

If not, we aim to get any necessary parts within the quickest possible timeframe to avoid any inconvenient delays or discomfort. We always recommend going with a fully qualified heating company to get your boiler checked regularly for any minor or major faults.

The detailed periodic inspection of a boiler often guarantees the resolution of tiny issues to mitigate the major ones.

When to get your boiler repaired

Odd Sounds Is your boiler producing odd noises?

If so, these are often an indication of an underlying issue. Potential issues may include fluctuations or a malfunctioned thermostat, and the deposition of iron and sludge at the bottom. Maybe the boiler is lacking proper circulation and so producing these strange noises. Whatever the reason is, it’s better to get a Gas Safe engineer out to inspect the boiler and rule out any more serious issues.

Leakage or foul smell

Leakage or foul smell If you are experiencing strange odours or leakage from the boiler, it’s time to address the issue. The problem might be related to bacterial growth, pipe connection issues, or a problem with the valve to name a few examples. Our repair team can inspect your boiler and identify the necessary steps to remedy the issue. As with any boiler issue, the sooner you get this sort of thing checked by an experienced engineer the less likely you are to need expensive repair works carried out.

Regular Maintenance appointments

Appliances require regular maintenance to keep them functioning at their highest efficiency. You wouldn’t leave your car without an MOT or service, and the same should apply to your boiler. Your boiler is the core component of your central heating system and due to this it requires regular maintenance and care.

If you smell gas in your home, however, please go here for instructions on what to do.

So wait no more, and give us a call today to schedule your boiler service or inspection at an affordable price!

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