Air Source Heat Pumps installation Edinburgh

It’s time to go green with an efficient air source heat pump!

If you are looking for an experienced company who can provide an air source heat pump installation Edinburgh and the Lothians, ReliaHeat are one of Edinburgh’s leading air source heat pump installer companies.

We are proud to be recognised locally for our expertise in air source heat pumps installation Edinburgh. What Is An Air Source Heat Pump? An ASHP extracts heat from the outside air and then distributes it indoors thoroughly via heating and hot water systems. It classifies as a renewable heating technology, and is perfectly suitable when outside ground space is limited. This type of heat pump delivers efficient heat to the property regardless of climate.

Why Go with Air Source Heat Pumps?

Meeting Building Requirements

These pumps comply with the UK Government guidelines and local authority building regulations, help reduce carbon emissions, and improve the SAP calculations. It’s time to go green and get fully efficient.

Reduce Monthly Bills

You can easily reduce monthly utility bills, which makes sense for your pocket and the environment.

Enjoy Simplicity

These are low maintenance, and easy to install. There’s no planning permission required for standard new-builds in the UK.

 Energy Efficient

Being able to extract heat from temperatures as low as -20C, these pumps are at least twice as efficient as the standard gas boiler.

How Does It Work?

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air into a fluid. This system is fed through a compressor to increase the temperature and transfer it to the indoor heating and hot water distribution network. These work just like a refrigerator in reverse – the outside fan unit positions on an external wall.

How efficient is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air Source Heat Pumps are about 200% to 400% efficient, which means that they produce 2-4 times the amount of heat compared to the relative energy they use. They drive more heat to a home for every penny spent as compared to a new conventional oil or gas heating system, which works at around 90% efficiency.

Potential Air Source Heating Problems

Air source heat pumps can suffer multiple failures from time to time. The problems could be:

1. Poor design
2. Poor installation
3. Freezing temperatures
4. Noise

Luckily we have experienced engineers at hand to service, maintain and repair your air source heating system.For more information please find one of the many manufacturers that we use!

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